Connect To Your Higher Self

These highly clear, wire-wrapped earrings are designed to help you connect to your higher self, enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness. The clarity of the quartz amplifies your inner wisdom and promotes a deeper understanding of your true purpose.

Clear Quartz Earrings

Protect Against Negative Energies

Embrace the protective energy of our Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal Bracelet. Crafted with high-quality clear quartz, this bracelet is designed to shield you from negative energy while enhancing clarity and balance.

Clear Quartz Bracelet

Cleanse & Heal

Clear Quartz Hearts offer unique benefits, enhancing emotional balance and clarity. Ideal for meditation, crystal grids, or as a thoughtful gift, these hearts are your go-to for emotional and spiritual renewal. Their soothing energy also helps cleanse your space, promoting a harmonious home.

Clear Quartz Hearts

Standing Points for Boosting Energy

Enjoy exquisite clear quartz standing points. Ethically sourced and masterfully crafted, these crystals amplify energy and enhance clarity.

Clear Quartz Points

The Master Healer

Clear Quartz can be programmed to do what you want, just like having many different crystals in one! Whatever you expect from other crystals, Clear Quartz can bring to you. It is arguably the only crystal you need and is the most abundant for a reason.

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