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Heart-shaped clear quartz, 2.3 oz, medium clarity

Clear Quartz Crystal Heart

$7.50 – $18.00
Clear Quartz Crystal Heart - 2.3 oz (Large) Embrace the natural beauty and powerful energy of our Clear Quartz Crystal Heart. Weighing 2.3 oz, this heart-shaped crystal embodies the perfect...

Clear Quartz Hearts

Welcome to our Clear Quartz Hearts Collection, featuring beautifully crafted heart-shaped clear quartz crystals. Known for their clarity and energy amplification, these hearts are perfect for enhancing love, harmony, and spiritual growth. Each heart is meticulously polished to showcase the natural beauty and brilliance of high-grade clear quartz. Ideal for meditation, energy work, or as a heartfelt gift, our clear quartz hearts promote balance and positivity. Embrace the transformative power of clear quartz and elevate your crystal collection with these stunning heart-shaped gems.